Chugakusei Nikki (2018)

Drama Chugakusei Nikki
Native Title 中学聖日記
Episodes 11
Duration 57 min.
Network TBS
Year 2018
Country Japan
Aired Oct 09, 2018 - Dec 18, 2018
Aired On Tuesday
Genres DramaRomanceSchoolYouth

Introduction to Chugakusei Nikki

This is a love story between Akira Kuroiwa, a 15-year-old boy who knows nothing of love, and Hijiri Suenaga, his new 25-year-old homeroom teacher. One fated summer, Akira begins to realize he has feelings for Hijiri, but Hijiri has a long distance fiancee. The story follows the pair over the course of several years. (Source: animenewsnetwork) ~~ Adapted from the manga series “Chūgakusei Nikki” (中学聖日記) by Kawakami Junko (かわかみじゅんこ).

Also Known As: Junior high school diary , Meet Me After School , Chu-Gakusei Nikki , Chuugaku Seinikki