Honey, Don’t Run Away 2 (2021)

Drama Honey, Don't Run Away 2
Native Title 公子,我娶定你了2
Episodes 24
Duration 25 min
Network iQiyi
Year 2021
Country China
Aired Aug 08, 2021
Aired On Sunday
Genres ComedyHistoricalMysteryRomance

Introduction to Honey, Don't Run Away 2

Ye Xiao Tang was the richest woman in the capital and Mu Jin Yan was a young talent from a noble family. They were deeply attached to each other. However, as the heir of Zhuyou clan and anthroposcopy tactic respectively, they were doomed to opposition. To escape the fate, the two of them, along with Ling Zi Ran, the prince of Ling State, and Yue You’er, the princess of Yue State, embarked on a journey to investigate cases and hunt treasures, in which they had steeled themselves and gained their own true love. (Source: iQiyi)

Also Known As: Gong Zi, Wo Qu Ding Ni Le

Cast & Credits

He Nan
Ye Xiao Tang
Main Role