Kikazaru Koi ni wa Riyuu ga Atte (2021)

Drama Kikazaru Koi ni wa Riyuu ga Atte
Native Title 着飾る恋には理由があって
Episodes 10
Duration 50 min.
Network TBS
Year 2021
Country Japan
Aired Apr 20, 2021 - Jun 22, 2021
Aired On Tuesday
Genres DramaLifeRomance

Introduction to Kikazaru Koi ni wa Riyuu ga Atte

Mashiba Kurumi works as a publicist for “el Arco Iris”, an interior design company that is becoming popular with young people on social media. She’s a fashionista who cares a lot about her appearance and about what others think. She works hard to gain the admiration of her coworkers and boss, Hayama Shogo. Kurumi is so busy with work that she forgets to renew her lease on her apartment. Her friend Koko helps her find a new place… but it’s a share house with 3 strangers! There’s Fujino Shun, a minimalist chef who just wants to live a simple life. Then there’s Terai Haruto, Shun’s cousin who works as an online counselor to help people with their problems. Finally, there’s Hase Ayaka, an aspiring artist who makes contemporary art while working part-time as a delivery driver at a high-end supermarket. And so these people of different ages, occupations, and values come together under one roof. Though their personalities clash, Kurumi falls in love, deepens her friendships, and learns to take off her “armor” and live as herself. (Source: TBS, translated by heart-ereki at MyDramaList)

Also Known As: There's a Reason for the Love I'm Wearing , There is a Reason for the Love to Dress Up , Kikazaru Koi niwa Riyuu ga Atte , Kikazaru Koi niwa Riyu ga Atte , Why I Dress Up for Love , Kikazaru Koi niha Riyuu ga Atte