Lives of Omission (2011)

Drama Lives of Omission
Native Title 潛行狙擊
Episodes 30
Duration 45 min.
Network TVB Jade
Year 2011
Country Hong Kong
Aired Aug 01, 2011 - Sep 09, 2011
Aired On
Genres ActionCrimeMysteryRomance

Introduction to Lives of Omission

Working as an undercover for many years, Laughing escapes from all calamity. Two years ago, he underwent special training to become mute and worked in mainland China as an undercover. Closely working with the mainland Chinese police, Laughing successfully busts an illegal armed weaponry organization and resumes his identity as a police officer in Hong Kong. He is appointed as the head instructor of the Criminal Intelligence Bureau (CIB), specializing in seeking and training CIB recruits in undercover work. Laughing, however, is unable to adapt to the stress in the discipline of police life and becomes a rogue cop. To get his jobs done quicker, he hires the gangster Michael So as his informant. On the surface, Laughing and Michael appear to be good brothers, but in fact, both have their own purpose, mutually taking advantage of one another. Feeling as if Laughing is holding him back from “moving up” in the triad, Michael betrays Laughing and decides to work alone. To tackle down the triad’s crimes, Laughing applies to be an undercover once again. (Source: Wikipedia)

Also Known As: Salute Laughing Sir , Chim Hang Jui Gik , Qian Xing Ju Ji