Petero no Souretsu (2014)

Drama Petero no Souretsu
Native Title ペテロの葬列
Episodes 11
Duration 45 min.
Network TBS
Year 2014
Country Japan
Aired Jul 07, 2014 - Sep 15, 2014
Aired On Monday
Genres MysteryPsychological

Introduction to Petero no Souretsu

Saburo Sugimura works for the PR department of a company which his father-in-law runs. his job is to edit the company newspaper. One day, on the bus, Saburo Sugimura faces a hijacking attempt by an older person with a handgun. The police enter the bus, but the handgun goes off by accident and the hijacker dies. All the hostages are safe. The case seems solved, but the real mystery begins. The passengers and bus driver are due to receive compensation from the deceased hijacker.

Also Known As: Funeral Procession of Peter, Namonaki Doku Season 2, Nameless Poison Season 2, Namonaki Doku 2.