Song Zu Er

First Name Zu Er
Family Name Song
Native name 宋祖儿
Birthday May 23, 1998
Age 24
Height 165
Blood type A
Also Known as Juan Juan, Sun Bi Jua, Song Zu Er, Lareina Song

Introduction to Song Zu Er

Song was a former child actress who first debuted in the Chinese television drama “The Sea and Sky Boundless”. In 2007, she starred in her first film “You Are An Angel”. She became known to the audiences after starring in the ancient fantasy drama “Prelude of Lotus Lantern”, playing Nezha.

After that, Song went into a hiatus. During this time, she participated in the stage play “Magic Umbrella” and also starred in the children television series “Lucky Rabbit Spirit”.

Song made a comeback in 2016, where she starred as the lead in comedy film Papa alongside actor Xia Yu. The same year, she was cast in the web drama “Gossip High”.

In 2017, Song starred in the youth sports drama Boyhood alongside TFBoys.The same year, she joined the cast of outdoor variety program “Divas Hit the Road”. Following the program, her popularity started to rise. In August, she was cast in the wuxia drama “The Dark Lord”. In November, she was announced as the female lead of two huge productions; fantasy epic drama “Novoland: Eagle Flag” as well as the live adaptation of eSport anime “The King’s Avatar”. However, the production company in charge of both “The King’s Avatar” and “Novoland: Eagle Flag” has confirmed that Song will be stepping away from the production of “The King’s Avatar” to focus on filming “Novoland: Eagle Flag” due to conflicts in scheduling.


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