Liu Yifei’s education was questioned for falsification, and netizens vindicated her as a goddess.

The Drama “Meng Hualu,” starring mainland Chinese actor Liu Yifei became the top online drama in the first half of this year.

The actress is transparent about her education. Before that, she was suspected by netizens of “back door” at Beijing Film Academy.

Follow Sina, Liu Yifei recently became the focus of the entertainment industry. The actress was attacked by some netizens because she thought she forged papers and cheated on her education many years ago.

Liu Yifei is suspected of academic fraud.
Some people give evidence that Liu Yifei entered the Beijing Film Academy at the age of 15 thanks to the support of “acquaintances”. Others pointed to some suspicious coincidences such as Yifei being the first American actor to be admitted to the school. In addition, she can 5 years complete 7 classes.

The Weibo page of the Beijing Film Academy was repeatedly attacked and questioned by netizens. The school side then made a move to turn off the comment function.

The case was only clarified on the evening of July 1 with a notice from the Beijing Municipal Education Commission. Accordingly, the education management agency confirmed that Liu Yifei’s admission process as a student was in accordance with the school’s admission process.

“After checking documents and comparing procedures, we confirm that Liu Yifei is qualified to enter the Beijing Film Academy. Before entering the school, she also went through 3 rounds of checks. check, ensure that they have appropriate professional knowledge, comprehensive qualities, and meet admission standards,” the spokesperson wrote.

The response of the Education Committee helped Liu Yifei be “vindicated”. The actress, through her management company, sent her thanks to everyone, and at the same time promised to make continuous efforts to improve herself in both her artistic and civic roles.

Liu Yifei recently returned with a historical project of love language Dream of green flowers. The work is currently highly appreciated in the media with more than 600 million views and scored 8.8/10 points on Douban. The success of the film makes Liu Yifei the hottest name in China today. In addition to acting, she has expensive advertising shows, is a brand representative and is the face of the cover photo for nearly 10 famous magazines.

Liu Yifei was born in 1987, is one of the outstanding 8X Chinese characters of the Chinese screen. She rose to prominence thanks to the goddess roles in Kim Dung’s historical works such as: Vuong Ngu Yen in Heavenly dragon eight sets 2003, Tieu Long Nu in God Condor 2006… Liu Yifei’s beauty also became the beauty standard of the entertainment industry with the title “Billion Billionaire”. In 2020, the actor attracted attention when he starred in the movie Magnolia Flower produced by Disney.

Liu Yifei is beautiful and eye-catching at the age of 35Hoa Dan 8x received many compliments for his beauty, outstanding acting ability among the 8x, 9x generation flowers in the comeback project.